What this course is about

I will show you step by step all the most important rules of English pronunciation without boring theory and complicated terminology.

By the end of the course, you will have improved your listening understanding of English, will get rid of stupid pronunciation mistakes, and will start speaking right English with confidence. 

Spoken English is very different from written language. Yet we start learning English from reading, often left alone with confusing pronunciation rules. 

Most students pronounce English words the same way as in their native language and, as a result, struggle with speaking confidence and communication. 

The system of reading rules and pronunciation is confusing, yes, and we have done our best to present it to you in the most practical way: with numerous examples and practical exercises. 

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This is the only course in English which will teach you how to SPEAK English, but not how to read it.

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Our Students Love this Course!

“This course is epic! I always hated learning English because of my problems with pronunciation. It was not easy - it's true but only Daria helped me to start speaking English. Highly recommended!”

Vasiliy, CzechiaVasiliy, Czechia

“It was really useful, many things I have never heard before. It’s really helpful if you plan to improve your pronunciation up to a native speaker level. And this is strange, but I started to understand by listening better.”

Dmitri, RussiaDmitri, Russia

“Why did none of my English teachers ever tell me these pronunciation rules were so easy? I really needed this course! I have improved my pronunciation, learned a lot and can hear native speakers much better now.”

Jagoda, PolandJagoda, Poland

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to the course!
    • A message from the instructor
    • Before we begin...
    • Download the PDF Guide on English Spelling Rules
  • 2
    Let's start with the basics
  • 3
    Tricky vowels and combinations
    • How to read R in the middle of words
    • Practice Video: 3d Syllable
    • Diphthongs in English (Syllable Types 4)
    • Learn the Vowel Combinations
  • 4
    Now let's move to consonants
    • Simple Consonants (+Some Practice!)
    • Silent Letters: What NOT to read in English!
    • And one more time about silent letters (because it's tricky!)
    • Silent Letters quiz
    • Small Tricks of G and C - two pronunciations
    • Combination TH - practise it again and again!
    • Everything about the tricky W in one video
  • 5
    How to read long words
    • How to read some important suffixes
    • How knowing parts of speech can help your pronunciation
    • Noun Suffixes: How to Pronounce them Right
    • How to Master Adjective Suffixes
    • The Suffix -ATE and its Pronunciation Tricks
    • Tricky Words with 'Moving' Stress
    • Check yourself: Parts of Speech
  • 6
    Next steps
    • Congrats! Thank you for being with me for this course

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