What this course is about

Do you want to improve your English grammar?

Do you need help with prepositions or you don't know what it is?

Do questions like 'What are you talking about?' make you feel confused?

Welcome to a new grammar class which will help you learn how to use prepositions after verbs without frustration.

In this class, we continue

- expanding your vocabulary;

- organising your everyday speaking structures;

- correcting the most frequent (and most important) speaking mistakes most English learners make.

I have picked one of the most confusing grammar topics for English learners. Native speakers learn to use prepositions intuitively. But it takes a lot of time and effort from non-natives to figure out how to use phrasal verbs, dependent prepositions and it all seems so confusing.

We have created a clear system for you explained in simple words, without too complicated grammar terms. Also, I am teaching you verbs with prepositions in context, helping you FEEL how to speak English, without exhausting cramming.

Join the class and speak English better today!

Course curriculum

“It was a really good course for me. I have always had problems with prepositions and couldn't learn them by books. Dasha makes it so easy to understand! I am happy that I found this course. Good for my English!”

Jagoda, Poland

“Very useful course! It has helped me to improve my grammar and understanding of English. I am not good with grammar, but this videos are good for me. Daria is professional teacher. I recommend this course for everybody!”

Maria, Czechia
The class will become a useful grammar guide helping you structure and complete your knowledge of English grammar. It's made for English learners at Intermediate and Advanced levels.

What you will learn in the course

  • The difference between prepositional phrases, phrasal verbs, and verb with dependent prepositions;

  • When to avoid using prepositions (because many non-natives do and make mistakes;

  • The most important verbs with prepositions you need to remember;

  • How to leave the prepositions hanging (like in 'What are you talking about?')

Speak natural English without embarrassing mistakes

Learn at your own pace in the comfort of your home