How this course helps

My students' reviews...

  • "Dasha has helped me to start using English in my business."
  • "Thanks to these lessons, I can now write in English without feeling ashamed for my bad level."
  • "It's really professional teaching, straight to the point and without wasting your time".
  • "Excellent!"

What this course is about

Would you like to write well in English?

Would you like to understand English punctuation rules?

If you need to make a good impression with your English at work, business or achieve academic success, the accuracy of your writing is very important. Many people use punctuation rules without any system and complain that they can never learn the rules and feel bad about their writing skills.

In this course, I will prove to you that you can master English punctuation in just 1 hour!

You will learn

The course consists of 1 hour of video lessons, PDF guides, and practical exercises.

  • Why punctuation is important and how it can help your writing;

  • Which punctuation marks exist and what purpose they serve in English;

  • How to write in English accurately using the correct punctuation marks.

What our students say

“Daria is the best English teacher I ever had. My punctuation was a mess when I met her. She managed to teach me everything in just 5 videos and helped me get my writing skills to a completely new level. I can't recommend her teaching enough!”

Tatiana, Italy

“Daria has a system and great expertise in teaching English for practical life. I use English for business and she has found this great approach in making complex things to seem easy to understand. This course about punctuation was a great help. Highly recommended!”

Maxim, Russia

Start learning with 'Master English Punctuation' course and get in control of what you are writing in English.

This class is a great opportunity for you to deal with tricky English writing rules in a practical way without spending hours on learning boring and unclear grammar.

I am looking forward to seeing you inside!

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